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MDW Insurance Group has forged its stellar reputation by providing unparalleled, consultative insurance solutions for businesses, non-profit institutions, and high-net-worth families.

With a history of community involvement in South Florida dating back to 1979, we are dedicated to our pillars of success: trustworthiness, reliability, and proactivity. Across our offices in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, our agents are helping thousands of businesses and individuals successfully manage their financial risk and compliance issues. MDW’s team of highly experienced insurance professionals provide our clients with the value of true expertise.

  • "Our commitment to our clients is unrivaled. We pride ourselves on life-long relationships with our clients that we have been able to sustain by constantly exceeding their expectations. Many of our clients have been with us for multiple generations of their businesses and families."

    - Jeff B. Weiner, CEO


MDW provides insurance solutions to a wide range of businesses and individuals. Our clients are business owners, executives, high-net-worth individuals and families, and private institutions. We offer a full suite of insurance services and products, specializing in custom policies negotiated directly with underwriters.

Our consultative approach focuses on managing your risk and negotiating your business insurance coverage. More than an insurance broker, we’re the insurance adviser and advocate you can count on to help protect you from the unpredictable, control your insurance costs and anticipate your changing needs. We proactively work with you to help ensure that your large commercial or small business insurance coverage continues to offer you the right level of protection for years to come.

MDW’s trusted team of experienced advisers is sought out by large commercial clients throughout the country for insurance solutions that work for their businesses – and their bottom lines. The fact is 70 percent of your insurance cost is comprised of variables you can control with the right risk management and loss control strategies. That’s exactly what MDW provides. When you choose us as your broker, we take the time to sit down with you, meet with your management team and get to know your unique risks, what’s driving your claims and how we can help you prevent them.

With an assessment of your business and a review of your existing policies, we will be able to point out where your current program may leave you needlessly exposed. This diligent analysis allows us to aggressively bring your specifications to the commercial insurance marketplace where we seek options from literally dozens of A-rated or better carriers. Our reputation and strong relationships with these carriers enable us to negotiate insurance premiums and coverages that provide you with the comprehensive protection you need at a competitive price.

Our consultative approach doesn’t stop there. Your dedicated commercial insurance professionals will draw on the resources of our entire agency to provide ongoing advice and guidance. We’ll continue to evaluate your business risk, review your changing needs, provide custom advice and recommend appropriate and efficient ways to protect your company’s interests. We’ll also keep you informed of emerging risks to businesses and of developments in the insurance marketplace as new coverages become available.

How do we reduce insurance costs and improve your bottom line?

  • Analyze your business risks. Using claims statistics and a comprehensive operational review, we identify loss causes and trends – and how to help prevent them. We also understand such alternative risk transfer strategies as captives, large deductible and self-insured programs.
  • Proactively manage and control claims. No one does more to help you control the cost of claims than MDW. When you have a claim, our dedicated claims professionals will help you navigate the process, manage complex or serious claims and negotiate with your carrier when necessary. We’ll also sit down with you regularly to review open claims to minimize reserves, close claims and expedite their settlement.
  • Develop effective loss control strategies. Customized to meet your business’ specific issues, our comprehensive approach ranges from establishing a safety committee, safety training or workers’ compensation fraud programs to assisting with OSHA and carrier loss inspections.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration. With MDW as your commercial insurance broker, you’ll get the answers you need – how, when and where you need them. Your dedicated professional is backed by a robust client web portal that offers you around-the-clock access to resources that can help you with OSHA compliance, risk management, loss control, safety, human resources – and more.

Put our proven client-focused approach to work for your company. To find out how, speak to one of our experienced business insurance professionals or request a consultation now.

The employee benefits landscape is ever-changing and expensive. How can you know you’re making the right and most cost-effective decisions for your business? Turn to the experienced benefits professionals at MDW.

A leading employee benefits broker, your MDW team will offer the advice and guidance you need to not only respond to industry changes, but also to anticipate them. We’ll help you navigate the benefits landscape.

As your broker, we’ll work together with you to create and implement a complete, custom employee benefits solution including:

  • Benefit Plan Management. From strategic planning and program implementation, online enrollment and support to claims underwriting and advocacy, our professionals develop a plan that works for your employees – and your bottom line. This plan may include the full range of health insurance options, Flexible Spending Plans, Health Savings Accounts, COBRA management and more.
  • Health & Lifestyle Management. Keep your most valuable assets well – and working. Our full range of corporate wellness programs and resources can help. From promoting preventive care initiatives to chronic disease management (for self-funded health plans), we can help foster a culture of wellness within your organization.
  • Employee Communication & Education. MDW uses the latest tools and technology to make communicating with your employees a simple, turnkey process. This includes an online portal customized for your employees, informational webinars and newsletters as well as healthcare reform impact studies.
  • Compliance. Who can keep up with the ever-changing healthcare regulations? Leave that to us. We can help ensure your company is in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), working with your internal compliance officers, providing HIPAA, HITECH and related solutions as well as conducting compliance audits for those with self-funded plans. We also help you stay on top of the latest changes through regular updates, seminars and other education.

With MDW as your employee benefits broker, you can be confident your coverage will be comprehensive, compliant, and cost effective, now and in the future. Along with staying on top of regulatory changes, we stay in touch with your business. We take the time to sit down with our clients on a quarterly basis to ensure your program continues to meet your needs and your budget, leveraging the solid relationships with the nation’s best, top-rated insurance carriers.

ffwjskduiw4wxeub1fdbAt MDW Insurance Group, we understand that personal insurance is about more than just a homeowners or auto insurance policy; it’s about the people who stand behind it. And should you ever need to file a claim on that policy, we’ll take you under our wing, help you navigate the process and act as your personal advocate with your carrier. In fact, we have a dedicated Customer Care Team focused on doing just that. The moment you call with a homeowners or auto insurance claim, these experienced professionals act as your advocates. From helping you determine how to best approach your specific claim situation, introducing you to your carrier representative – and following up to ensure you’re satisfied with how they’re handling it – we work together with you and the carrier to make the process as simple as possible.

You can be confident your MDW professional will provide the insurance products – and personal attention – your needs demand. As your needs change, your coverage does too. We stay in touch and review your policies as needed to make sure your insurance continues to protect what you value most. Maybe that’s why more than 10,000 of your neighbors trust MDW to meet their personal insurance needs – and why you should too. To find out more, request a consultation with one of our personal insurance professionals.

lifeinsuranceYour life insurance needs are not only unique to you, but they also alter as your life circumstances change such as you marry or have children, your need for insurance increases. When your income level goes up, your insurance needs may change too.

We’re driven to give you the most value for your insurance dollar. That’s why thousands of individuals and their families have chosen MDW Insurance Group. Our experienced advisors will sort through the maze of complicated insurance offerings to present you with clear information and intelligent advice on the most effective coverage for your money that meets your needs.

Which type of life insurance is right for you?
There are many different types of life insurance. We’ll help you sort through your insurance options and find the policy that is best for you.

hr-imgMDW’s HR Division provides guidance to our clients on a multitude of employment-related issues to include terminations, corrective action procedures, performance counseling, retention techniques, non-discrimination/anti-harassment practices.

We can advise and provide guidance with Diversity Initiatives, Employee Handbooks, Exit Interviews, Policies & Procedures, and Performance Management.

MDW also advises on compliance matters such as EEOC, ERISA, Filing & Posting Requirements, FMLA, Record Management & Retention, and Wage and Hour/FLSA.

suretybondsWhether you require a single bond or a robust surety bonding program, you can count on MDW for a customized solution to meet your specific requirements.

As a commercial insurance broker, we have an outstanding reputation for trust and integrity in the marketplace and strong relationships with the industry’s most respected surety bond companies. We provide construction and commercial bond programs that work for your business needs and the bottom line. We offer various types of surety bonds including Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Payment Bonds, Ancillary Bonds, and more.

With a surety bond from MDW, you also get something extra: great advice and guidance from professionals you can trust. We take the time to get to know our clients, their businesses and their industries. Only then can we provide customized programs that not only protect, but are cost effective as well. We provide ongoing reviews of financial performance and offer advice on how business decisions can affect surety credit. Our years of expertise in dealing with surety bond companies enables us to effectively manage that relationship so that you get the support you need in a timely manner.

  • "We provide a personal and professional service tailored specifically for the client's needs, and have a creative, sophisticated approach to any challenge our clients face."

    - Ivor J. Bamberger, President

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