Every month many of us pay for insurance that protects our homes, cars, and business, yet studies show that 30% of American households have no life insurance at all.

During Life Insurance Awareness Month, take the time to learn more about how life insurance can help protect your family.

The best way to choose a life insurance policy is to consider all the factors that are critical to your needs and goals, and take the time to compare how different life insurance policies meet these requirements.

Discuss the policy with your family. Consider how much coverage you need and review it at least once every two years to check for coverage adequacy, affordability, performance and new needs and concerns.

We never think about life insurance until the inevitable happens; don’t be caught unprepared. Take the steps to learn how a life insurance policy can safeguard your family’s tomorrow.

Please find this helpful link with information on who needs life insurance, how to calculate your needs, and recommendations on getting coverage: